Covid-19 Poikkeustila2020

Suomeen julistettiin koronapandemian poikkeustila 18.3.2020. Olen siitä lähtien kuvaillut elämääni ja ajatuksiani valokuvaajien Poikkeustila2020 -projektiin. Projekti päättyi 1.6.2020. Nyt alan työstää näitä lyhyitä 1-2 min. videoita yhdeksi lyhytfilmiksi.

Since 18 March 2020 I began to video my personal experience of Covid-19 lockdown as part of Finnish photographers
State of Emergency 2020 documentary project. The project has ended now after 11 weeks. The end product of the videos below will be a short film which I will be working on soon.

Poikkeustila 11 / Lockdown week #11
… my last video for the project. Instead of lockdown I’d rather be paddling and seeing friends. Freeedom is around the corner.

Poikkeustila 10 / Lockdown week # 10
…the lockdown is getting on me, want to be busy like the bees, want  to get on.

Poikkeustila 9 / Lockdown week # 9
.. the business is almost as usual, ads targeting with hidden covied-19 messages and I am getting impatient.

Poikkeustila 8 / Lockdown week # 8
… the authorities are discussing where has all the money gone and I wonder where is my life going to.

Poikkeustila 7 / Lockdown week#7
… where I start to have serious symptoms – not of Covid19 – but of insufficient intake of cultural impulses

Poikkeustila 6 / Lockdown week#6
… where the four elements: air, water, earth, fire are stable – and so is  our parliament. Back to the unchanging before-Covid19-style government vs. opposition debate.

Poikkeustila 5 / Lockdown week #5
…where my friends abroad share their lockdown experiences and national leaders are on the air.

Poikkeustila 4 / Lockdown week #4
… where Queen Elisabeth and Pope Francisus are comforting and Dytiscus latissimus (a very rare beetle) got into the fishtrap.

Poikkeustila 3 / Lockdown week #3
… where anticipation is my element and the weatherman says “exceptional”

Poikkeustila 2 / Lockdown week #2
… where media cabinet ministers are setting restrictions and a 1981 gym video is amusing.

Poikkeustila 1 / Lockdown week #1
… where Prime Minister is declaring the state of emergency and Darude’s piece was played simultaneously to cheer up your neighbours.